Thursday, May 28, 2009

Another trip to the orthodontist

Well, we took Robert to another orthodontist appointment today for a NAM adjustment. This has become a weekly occurrence since he was fitted for it. Everything is going just fine. We have to make the tape that pulls his lip over needs to be tighter but that's the only change. We have yet another appointment on Monday.

As soon as Robert and I got home Ronnie came over and wanted to make sure his little brother was ok. It's way too cute. Everytime we get home from one of our appointments he needs to make sure Robert's ok. It's nice to see him becoming a wonderful big brother.

That's really the only update for today. Sorry it's not very exciting. Looking at it now it wasn't even worth posting. Oh well.

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  1. Kim, thanks for keeping everyone updated in this way...I don't feel right calling since I know you are so busy, and I might catch you at the wrong time! Wow! Robert is REALLY progressing. That is so hopeful and certainly an answer to prayer! The good news is that he probably won't remember the taping incidents. If it is helping, and indeed it seems to have helped, then it is the right thing to do. Hang in there, MOM!! Lin