Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Only 28 days left

28 days until Robert has his first surgery. It seems like time is flying. I don't know that I am ready for this. I'm going to steal a part of a song from My Fair Lady. Henry Higgins says:

I've grown accustomed to her face. She almost makes the day begin. I've grown accustomed to the tune that She whistles night and noon. Her smiles, her frowns, Her ups, her downs Are second nature to me now; Like breathing out and breathing in. I was serenely independent and content before we met; Surely I could always be that way again- And yet I've grown accustomed to her look; Accustomed to her voice; Accustomed to her face.

Of course it should be I've grown accustomed to his face but you get the idea. When his first surgery is done we will have a new face. When is palette is closed he will have a new voice. I don't know that I want to have a "new" face. Don't get me wrong I want to have Robert's lip repaired but a part of me is going to miss his beautiful wide smile and his smooshy nose. It's going to take some getting used to. For all of us.

I wonder sometimes how Ronnie will react. He is two and is set in his ways. He likes things to stay the same...not big on change. When we get home from taking Robert to the orthodontist Ronnie comes running up to him to make sure he is OK. When we change the tape Ronnie wants us to put it back on. This could be very, very interesting.

We went to the orthodontist and for the first time since we have been using the NAM we got a good job. They actually said we are doing exactly what we are supposed to be doing. The NAM and tape are doing their job. Robert's nose is becoming more centered and his cleft is now closed to 3 mm. His nostril is taking shape as well. He looks more and more like Ronnie as each day passes. Which really means he looks like Paul. I have decided that Paul is definitely their father, however I am not sure who their mother is. hahaha.

This past weekend we had our first family pictures taken by a great photographer, who happens to be a friend as well. Thanks a bunch Angee! I'll let you know when they are available so you can take a look at them. I can't wait to see them and I can't thank Angee enough for taking time out of her weekend to shoot us. So if you are looking for a photographer let me know and I'll pass on her info.

Ronnie is still 2 and is all boy, still. He is still learning to talk and his new favorites are: Pork (you know who you are), oh man, ready set go, and whoa. Two of his new favorite games are trying to run the dog over with his Power Wheels, and shooting daddy with his squirt gun. Paul has been working and getting sprayed with Ronnie's squirt gun. And I'm just enjoying all of it. I think that again sums up what is happening in our world. Hope all is well in yours!


  1. hee hee! of course Pork should be one of his favorite words :)

  2. Awww, I had so much fun taking pics of you and the boys! I'll make sure that you can link to them for the blog from the gallery, if you want to share!