Monday, June 8, 2009

An update on the entire family

We went to the orthodontist again today. Nothing really changed. We have to pull the tape tighter which makes Robert ever so happy....not so much really. Other then that we only have another 5 weeks of taping left. 70 tapings total. Again not that we are counting. We can't wait to be done with this part of our journey.
The good news is that when I go to McLean I get to use HOV, because Robert rides with me. The bad news is the state trooper that sits on the exit ramp to enforce HOV seems to know my car now and waves. lol. Not really. He looks real hard in my car as I come up to him. I just smile and wave. We have our next appointment next Monday at 9:15. YUCK! That sums up Robert's update for now.
Ronnie is still 2. Every bit of 2. His favorite word of the day is No. No matter what you ask the answer is no. He has decided that he can do whatever he wants and get away with me. Paul and I have a different opinion and things are getting to be fun around here. He loves to drive his Power Wheels truck and to jump on the neighbors trampoline. He's getting much better at jumping. And he has decided that this is the time to start talking. The only problem now is finding a way to make him stop. You can only hear "Elmo" so many times before you want to puncture your ear drums.
We had a hail storm here so Paul is getting ready to be very busy. Good for us but bad for us as well. It means we won't be seeing much of him for a while. He'll be up early and home late. We are going camping for Father's Day weekend with a bunch of friends. Should be a nice break for him. Really it should be a nice break for all of us.
There is nothing new with me so I guess that sums it all up. Til next time.

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